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Fully Persuaded Foundation’s mission is to progress the Kingdom of Christ through His gospel by empowering the one’s that God called to bring forth the good news. We partner with active missionaries and servants of Jesus Christ in their community with the purpose of assisting with the supply of resources, finances, as well as ministry and discipleship support needed to further the gospel through their ministry. We know that by helping our partners meet the needs of the people, we will be opening more ears to the true Gospel as well as well as assisting in revealing the true heart of our Father.

Fully Persuaded Foundation’s vision is to progress the Kingdom of Christ through His gospel by empowering the one’s that God called to bring forth the good news. We believe that a hungry man will listen to one’s words far more intently by feeding him before one speaks rather than speaking to him while his stomach is empty. We want to meet the needs of the people and empower the ministers to show the love of Christ. We believe by meeting those needs the people’s ears and hearts will be opened to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the good news will set the captive free.

Matt Glass

Founder/President/Executive Director

Matt Glass

Ryan McGuire

Program Director

Ryan McGuire

Matt Glass is the founder and President of Fully Persuaded Foundation. He currently resides in McDonough Georgia with his wife Natalie and daughter Lexie. Matt comes from a pastor’s home where his father, Paul Glass along side his wife Nancy, has faithfully served the Lord in Ministry for over 35 years. Even though Matt was raised and brought up in the Word as teenager and young man he strayed away into the world like many of us.
One day when Matt was 22 years old while broken and crying alone in his bedroom God saved Matt and immediately put in his heart the vision of financing the advancement of the Kingdom of Christ. Matt is now 30 years of age and through many seasons of preparation the Lord has manifested the vision that He gave Matt in bringing about Fully Persuaded Foundation.
Matt now looks forward to fulfilling the purpose God laid out for his life and advancing the Kingdom of Christ through the foundation and vision God gave him years ago.

Ryan McGuire is Vice President and Program Director of Fully Persuaded Foundation. He currently lives in Locust Grove Georgia with his 2 children, Lukas and Kendall. Ryan was raised by godly parents and attended and served at many different churches throughout his earlier years.
After suffering a debilitating divorce at the age of 27, Ryan turned to the world in desperation seeking acceptance and comfort. Then, after the world and all of it's promises left him abandoned and betrayed, he a realized that this lifestyle would never fulfill him. He hit rock-bottom one day and cried out to the Father like never before. That day he vowed to dedicate his entire life to Jesus Christ. No longer would his life be about himself. He found a consuming passion for advancing the Kingdom of Christ and seeing the will of the Father completed here on earth.
In the joy and fulfillment of his new life, Ryan knew he was finally right where he needed to be. He began leading small-groups for men at his local church. Here he quickly discovered his passion and calling for discipleship. Today, at 32 years old, he serves the Lord through Fully Persuaded Foundation by leading discipleship training and preaching the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fully Persuaded Foundation is a Christian non-profit foundation that focuses on assisting with funding ministers, missionaries, and men and women that have a calling on their life to serve God. FPF’s primary focus will be to partner with missionaries in the field and supply them with resources to meet the needs of the people they are ministering to. FPF will also partner and employ men and women of our choice that are actively serving the Lord or have the desire to serve the Lord. It is the vision of FPF to employ men and women that feel called to give their life to serve the Lord giving these people the opportunity and ability to walk away from their jobs and perform the calling the Lord has put on their life.

James 2:15-16 reads “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?”. We believe that meeting the needs of the people is a vital component in whether or not their hearts and ears will be open to the Gospel of Christ. Just for a second imagine someone simply telling a hungry man about the love of Christ versus someone giving the man food and then telling him about the love of Christ, which method would give him a better understanding of the love of Christ?

FPF would like to be involved in random acts of kindness within the community. We believe that it is just as important to reach the lost in our community as it is across the world on the mission fields. We will be actively involved in partnering with organizations that assist with the homeless, widows, and orphans. We concentrate on the scripture of James 1:27 (“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”) for the vision in this area.

FPF is dedicated to assisting in the training of ministers and missionaries and encouraging them step out on the calling the Lord has on their lives. FPF’s vision is to have a training program that consists of classroom training combined with on field training. Classroom training will consist of the education in doctrine and scriptural understanding of the Gospel. Field training will consist of partnering with an active missionary or minister to gain experience in dealing with real life situations.

In conclusion the heart of FPF is to provide for the needs of the people in the name of Christ. We believe that without properly presenting Christ as we meet the needs of the people we are merely treating the symptoms instead of giving people a cure of the life they live and the destination they are headed to. FPF is dedicated in assisting men and women of God in advancing the kingdom of God in anyway. We pray that brothers and sisters of Christ will acknowledge what this foundation is doing for the Lord and will assist in giving towards the cause of advancing the Kingdom.


We Believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man can obtain Salvation unless he bows His knee, surrenders his life, and believes upon the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other way for Salvation.

We believe in the Most High God, the Creator of the Universe, the Creator of heaven and the earth and all living things in heaven and on earth.

We believe that the word of God is the will of God; and that the word and will of the Most High God is written in heaven, in the Holy Spirit, and through the men of God who are inspired and revealed by the Holy Spirit to write the word of God to instruct and edify mankind;

We believe that once you are in Christ (saved) you are no longer bound by the law. We also believe that the law is necessary to use to bring a man to the end of himself (repentance) for salvation. The bible says in Timothy 1:8 “We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.” We believe that the proper way to use the law is to show the lost their need for a savior and to eliminate any notion that one is “good” enough to get into heaven.

We believe that Jesus is the manifestation of God and the first Son of the Almighty God, and he was the one announced by the prophecies written in heaven, by the prophets of God, by the angles of God and by the Holy Spirit of God.

We believe that Jesus had fully accomplish his mission to redeem mankind by sacrificing himself at the cross, was put to death and resurrected after 3 days.

We believe that the Bible was inspired by God who is the sole Author who inspired many writers to compose each book of the same Bible.

We believe in the Father God, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit as 3 entities with the same substance and also being the same being.

We believe that the only way to receive salvation from God is by faith in the work of God through Jesus-Christ as stated by the scripture: Romans 10: 9-10 “ if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”; We also believe that Repentance and death to self are equally important to salvation. Jesus said in Matthew 16:25 “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Also in Luke 13:3 Jesus said “No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.”

We believe in the baptism by the Holy Spirit or by the fire of the Spirit of God, and in the baptism by water immersion: the baptism of John or of repentance.

We believe that once we have been baptized by the Holy Spirit, we can operate the manifestations of the Holy Spirit such as the speaking in tongues, the interpretation of tongues, the prophecy, the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the discernment of spirits, the operation of faith, the gifts of healing, the operation of miracles; the operation of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is an essential requirement for the new believers to walk in the shining light of God and for them to become the light carriers of this world to cause major world changes for God’s kingdom purpose.

We believe once we are born again from the Spirit of God, we need to renew our old human mind and behavior to walk in accordance with the will of God; with the help of the Holy Spirit in us which will teach us and remind us of the truth of God.

We believe that anyone from any religions, any nationality, any traditions, any ages, can receive salvation from the eternal condemnation through Jesus Christ and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We believe that we are at the end time where the destruction of mankind is at hand.

We believe that our good works for the kingdom of God during our days on earth will be eternally rewarded in heaven and in paradise to come.

We believe that hell has been created to cast down all demonic entities and souls that had committed the blaspheme against the Holy Spirit; which is the constant denial of the truth about the Son of God Jesus and the manifestations of the truth and the presence of God through the Holy Spirit in the living world.

We believe that fear and ignorance of the word of God are the major destroyers of this world, and fear can be cast out by the Holy Spirit and ignorance can be eliminated by proper teaching of the inspired word of God.

We believe in the respect of our parents, elders, and the authorities who are governing us.

We believe that our God the Creator of the universe is providing us Grace, love, peace, unity and provision in Jesus’ name.


Fully Persuaded Foundation invites any and all to assist and help us advance the kingdom of Christ. We launch multiple outreaches and fundraisers regularly and need your help! There is no greater satisfaction than to help another in need, try it out and you’ll see what we mean! Please contact us for more information on how to get connected and active for the Lord.

We understand that there are many organizations and foundations that you could give to and we appreciate you looking into what we are doing for the King. We trust God 100% to move on the hearts of the ones that are supposed to support this foundation and the partners that we work through to bring glory to Him. We ask you to please pray about supporting Fully Persuaded Foundation.

Fully Persuaded Foundation is committed to the discipleship of God’s Children. We offer a free discipleship course that is meant to train and equip you to do the work of the Lord. Click here to get more information and find out how to register for our Discipleship program.

Are you a prayer warrior that would like to intercede for mighty men and women of God? Join our prayer team and become familiar with our partners and what prayer needs their ministries are in need of. We strongly believe that “the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.” (James 5:16). There is no more powerful way to support us than to lift us and our partners up in prayer. Please contact us for more information and to find out how you can join our prayer team.


Fully Persuaded Foundation exists to deliver resources to field-laborers and servants in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We strive to exceed needs in the areas in which we contribute. Of all the resources we offer, discipleship is one of, if not the most valuable gift we have to give. Therefore we take it very seriously.
Our 12- lesson program is very intensive and scripture-heavy, designed to challenge the learner and take them to the next level in their ability to truly follow Christ. The course is completely free.
Upon completion, students of the program will have a well-rounded understanding of a disciple's mindset, and how he/she is called to conduct themselves. Students also learn defensive and offensive strategies in sharing the gospel, as well as how to discern false gospel from the true, biblical good news of Jesus Christ.
Our reference source is solely the Word of God. We feel it is of utmost importance to equip leaders and Kingdom-advancers around the world for the challenges they will face as servants of Christ. Evangelism for Christ is taking place all around our world today. But after the seed is sown in a heart, is there anyone available to help a new convert understand and grasp some of the deeper truths of a walk with Him? So many are converted into a false perception of what it truly is to follow Christ.
Fully Persuaded Foundation sees the need, and our discipleship program is capable of circumventing this issue. Our program will not be limited in it's global reach. As we partner with and train leaders from around the world we will follow through with the reality of what it is to make disciples. For a "disciple" is a multiplier, not just an evangelist.
A disciple recreates the passion, tools, and understanding needed to lead in the Kingdom, in others. As we disciple, our students in turn will disciple, and our world will change as the bride of Christ is beautified in preparation for her Groom.

Fully Persuaded felt it important to construct a discipleship curriculum directly from the Bible. We allowed the Holy Spirit to pour into us and we feel that this curriculum is directly inspired by Him. The curriculum consists of 12 lessons that will challenge, equip, and train you to victoriously walk in the calling God has placed on your life.



Samuel is a dear brother in the Lord to us at Fully Persuaded. At just 28 years of age he is pastoring over 230 members in his home country Uganda Africa. He also looks and cares after over 266 children in his own orphanage. We urge you to pray for and support Samuel in his faithfulness to the Lord.

Pastor Kashif is a pastor of a congregation of close to 200 members in Lahore, Pakistan. Pastor Kashif is currently pioneering ministries for Jesus Christ in a very hostile country who is dominated by Islam. Pastor Kashif is currently holding Healing and Deliverance conferences where they are seeing the power of God heal and deliver many. He is holding women conferences to empower and train women in the word of God in a country where women are very much discriminated. He is organizing multiple outreaches that include caring for the orphans, widows, and the lost. Pastor Kashif’s vision is to take the country for Jesus Christ by preaching the Gospel of Christ. We stand and support Pastor Kashif in the vision and calling that God has put on his life and his ministry.




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